Master’s Degree in Forensic Drug Chemistry
Drug Chemistry Overview

The Forensic Drug Chemistry concentration, provided by UF’s College of Pharmacy, is structured to provide students with a strong foundation in analytical techniques, drug pharmacology, forensic drug chemistry and organic synthesis. The program is novel in featuring modules in forensic pharmacology, drug synthesis, expert testimony and QA/QC procedures.

Death Investigation

Ear your M.S. in Forensic Drug Chemistry

Who is this concentration for?

This program may be of interest to those currently working or seeking employment in the following areas: law enforcement agencies, military services and pharmaceutical companies.

Degree Completion

Upon completion of the program, graduates will earn a Master of Science in Pharmacy with a major in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a concentration in Forensic Drug Chemistry issued by the Graduate School of the University of Florida. Your transcripts will read Master of Science in Pharmacy, graduation date, major Pharmaceutical Sciences, concentration Forensic Drug Chemistry. Your diploma will read Master of Science in Pharmacy.

Course Progression

Core-Required Courses

Course # Course Title Credits Spring Summer Fall
PHA 6850 Principles of Forensic Science 3
VME 6613 Forensic Toxicology I 3
VME 6766 Laboratory QA/QC 3
PHA 6354 Natural Medicinal Products 3
PHA 6471 Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry 3
PHA 6840 Medicinal Chemistry of Drugs of Abuse 3

Note: Core-required courses must be completed before your final semester and should be completed before the required courses.

Required Courses

Course # Course Title Credits Spring Summer Fall
PHA 6417 Pharmaceutical Analysis 2 3
PHA 6935 Applied Statistics for Data Analysis 3
VME 6605 Toxic Substances 3
PHA 6425 Drug Biotransofrmation & Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity 3
PHA 6936 Literature Survey of Drug Chemistry 1
PHA 6936 Special Topics in Drug Chemistry (online using Honorlock) 1

Required Courses can be taken in any order and any semester, however, Literature Survey and Special Topics must be taken in your final semester.

Note: Students graduating in the Fall/Spring must take at least 3 credits in the final semester. Plan to take a Required Course in addition to Literature Survey and Special Topics. Students graduating in the Summer must take at least 2 credits in the final semester.

Recommended Course Order

The following is a recommended course order for students pursuing a master’s degree in forensic drug chemistry:

  • Principles of Forensic Science, Forensic Toxicology I and Laboratory QA/QC are recommended to be taken before any of the other courses.
  • Applied Statistics for Data Analysis and Laboratory QA/QC can be taken anytime.
  • Special Topics and Literature Survey should be taken in the final semester.

Course Syllabus Catalog

The general course policies and the most recent course syllabus catalog are available as a PDF for download here.