Fundamentals of Forensic Science Online Graduate Certificate
Fundamentals of Forensic Science Overview

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The online Graduate Certificate in the Fundamentals of Forensic Science is provided by UF’s College of Pharmacy. Forensic science is a multifaceted discipline that combines scientific analysis with investigative techniques. It involves a diverse range of skills, including toxicology, DNA analysis, serology, blood spatter analysis, fingerprint examination, trace evidence analysis, toolmark identification, ballistics and forensic death investigation.

Forensic scientists play a vital role in criminal investigations by collecting, identifying, and analyzing physical evidence using specialized field and laboratory methods unique to each subdiscipline.

The Fundamentals of Forensic Science online graduate certificate at the College of Pharmacy provides comprehensive, up-to-date education in this rapidly evolving field. Stay current with the latest forensic methods through graduate level courses tailored to meet the demands of this growing industry.

graphic of forensic science investigator collecting fingerprints


Career Outlook

As scientific evidence becomes increasingly crucial in legal proceedings, the career outlook for forensic scientists is promising. Advancements in science and technology drive the need for professionals skilled in applying the latest forensic techniques. Some professionals become generalists, are proficient in multiple areas, and are known as criminalists or crime scene investigators.

Degree Completion

Upon completion of the 12-credit online certificate program, students will receive a University of Florida Graduate Certificate in Fundamentals of Forensic Science. This online certificate program is open to appropriately qualified local, national and international students. 

Course Progression

Required Courses

Course # Course Title Credits Spring Summer Fall
PHA 6853 Biological Evidence and Serology 3
PHA 6850 Principles of Forensic Science 3
PHA 6856 Bloodstain Pattern Analysis 3
VME 6613 Forensic Toxicology I 3

Course Syllabus Catalog

The general course policies and the most recent course syllabus catalog are available as a PDF for download here.

Graduation Requirements

In order to earn this certificate, students must complete all required courses with a grade of C or higher and an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students must apply to graduate in their final term.