The University of Florida’s Forensic Science online graduate program is a top-ranked program within a No. 4 nationally ranked college. Join the next generation of leaders with a degree from the world’s largest forensic science program.

Forensic Science Online

World's Largest Forensic Science Program

Established in fall of 2000, UF’s award-winning forensic science master’s degree is the world’s largest and most prestigious forensic science program, with over 1,500 graduates from more than 70 countries.

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Why Forensic Science?

Excellent Career Outlook

Forensic scientists collect, identify and analyze physical evidence related to criminal investigations using cutting-edge field and laboratory techniques. The job outlook for forensic scientists is excellent, as methods for analyzing evidence play an increasingly greater role in legal outcomes. Graduates with a degree in Forensic Science can expect to work in the:

  • Crime labs and medical diagnostic labs
  • Medical examiners’ offices and prosecution attorney’s offices
  • Hospital and clinical chemistry laboratories
  • Law enforcement and government regulatory agencies
  • Criminal defense firms

Partnerships & Memberships

University of Florida’s forensic science program currently has an international partnership agreement with Western Sydney University. We also are members of Global Forensic Education.

A World-Class Program with Award-Winning Faculty

This M.S. program earned the Award of Excellence in Distance Education from the American Distance Education Consortium, and Program Director Ian Tebbett, Ph.D., was awarded the prestigious Irving Award from ADEC, as well as winning the Outstanding Leadership Award from the U.S. Distance Learning Association.

A Top-Ranked University

Ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the No. 1 pharmacy college in Florida and No. 4 nationally, the University of Florida College of Pharmacy has been developing future leaders in pharmacy practice and science for nearly a century. At campuses in Gainesville, Jacksonville and Orlando, award-winning faculty aim to improve the health of Floridians and people across the world through pharmacy education, high-impact research and clinical innovation.

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