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    UF AffordableCourses with an asterisk have earned the Affordable UF badge by selecting required materials that cost less than $20 per credit hour.

    Our online forensic science programs are designed to meet the needs of today’s working professionals. There are several areas of concentration, many offering a graduate certificate or master’s degree option. To learn more, browse through the list of programs below and let us know if you have questions.

    Course Syllabus Catalog

    The general course policies and the most recent course syllabus catalog are available as a PDF for download here.

    All Courses

    PHA 6354 Natural Medicinal Products
    PHA 6417 Pharmaceutical Analysis II
    PHA 6425 Drug Biotransformation & Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity
    PHA 6471 Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry
    PHA 6534 Toxicology of Chemical Weapons
    PHA 6535 Principles of Nucleotide Activity
    PHA 6840 Medicinal Chemistry of Drugs of Abuse*
    PHA 6850 Principles of Forensic Science
    PHA 6851 Forensic Analysis of DNA
    PHA 6935 Forensic Analysis of DNA 2
    PHA 6852 Mammalian Molecular Biology
    PHA 6853 Biological Evidence and Serology
    PHA 6854 Forensic Immunology
    PHA 6855 Forensic Genetics
    PHA 6856 Blood Distribution and Spatter
    PHA 6935 Advanced Criminalistics II
    PHA 6935 Applied Statistics for Data Analysis
    PHA 6935 Biosecurity and Microbial Forensics
    PHA 6935 Crime Scene Investigation
    PHA 6935 Environmental Forensics I
    PHA 6935 Environmental Forensics II
    PHA 6935 Fingerprint Detection and Identification
    PHA 6935 Forensic Anthropology I
    PHA 6935 Introduction to Forensic Medicine 2
    PHA 6935 Metabolic Biochemistry
    PHA 6935 Organic Structure Elucidation
    PHA 6936 Literature Survey (DNA and Serology)
    PHA 6936 Literature Survey (Drug Chemistry)
    PHA 6936 Literature Survey (Forensic Science)
    PHA 6936 Special Topics in DNA and Serology
    PHA 6936 Special Topics in Drug Chemistry
    PHA 6936 Special Topics in Forensic Science
    VME 6602 General Toxicology
    VME 6604 Literature Survey (Forensic Toxicology)
    VME 6605 Toxic Substances
    VME 6613 Forensic Toxicology I
    VME 6614 Forensic Toxicology II
    VME 6650 Principles of Mammalian Pharmacology
    VME 6766 Laboratory QA/QC
    VME 6934 Introduction to Forensic Medicine 1
    VME 6934 Special Topics in Forensic Toxicology

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