Drug Biotransformation & Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity
PHA 6425 Drug Biotransformation & Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity


This course is 3 credits.


This course provides a strong conceptual foundation of enzymology and mechanisms of drug biotransformation pathways. As a foundation for learning, we will provide examples of drugs and other xenobiotics that exhibit toxicity related to biotransformation. Students are expected to use information presented in each module to develop and complete given assignments. Other activities will include online discussions of current news articles and scientific publications that relate to drug metabolism, toxicology and biochemistry.


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Module Topic
Module 1 Overview of Xenobiotic Metabolism
Module 2 Cytochrome P450
Module 3 Flavin Monooxygenase and Other Oxidative Enzymes
Module 4 Ester/Amide Hydrolysis
Module 5 Epoxide Hydrolases
Module 6 Glucuronosyltransferases and Glucosyltransferase
Module 7 Sulfotransferases
Module 8 Glutathione S-transferases
Module 9 Other Phase II Reactions
Module 10 Transport of Xenobiotics and Their Metabolites
Module 11 Metabolism and Toxicity General Concepts
Module 12 Metabolic Activation of Drugs
Module 13 Metabolic Activation of Industrial Chemicals
Module 14 Metabolic Activation of Pyrolysis Products
Module 15 Metabolic Activation of Natural Products

Recommended Materials

There is no single recommended text for this course. Helpful textbooks include:

  • Introduction to Drug Metabolism
    Author: G. Gordon Gibson and Paul Skett
    Publisher: Nelson Thornes Company; 3rd edition (9/1/2001)
    ISBN: 0748760113
  • Enzyme systems that metabolise drugs and other xenobiotics
    Author: Ioannides & Costa (editors)
    Publisher: Wiley, 1st edition (12/31/2001)
    ASIN: B008F1DOUY
  • Cytochrome P450: Structure, Mechanism, and Biochemistry
    Author: Paul R. Ortiz De Montellano
    Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers; 3rd edition (12/21/2004)
    ISBN: 0306483246

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