PHA6232 Forensic Ethics

This course will be offered starting Fall 2024.


This is a 2-credit hour course.


Provide a background on the unique ethical considerations that forensic scientists face; students will explore what the guiding principles are for ethics in forensic science, the culture of the criminal justice system, and how to consider ethics both scientifically and in the courtroom.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand how ethics relates to the field of forensic science
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the core values that should be considered ethically in the field
  • Be able to analyze how the culture of the criminal justice system impacts individuals in making ethical decisions
  • Hypothesize what unethical behaviors in the field are, and how they can be corrected
  • Explain and evaluate different methods of reform that can occur to correct unethical issues
  • Recognize and be able to articulate the role of ethics in trial preparing and testimony in the courtroom
  • Recognize and be able to articulate the role of ethics when completing scientific methods


No Pre-requisites.


Module Topic
Module 1 Introduction to Ethics
Module 2 Ethics in Forensic Science
Module 3 Criminal Justice Culture
Module 4 Criminal justice Reform
Module 5 Ethics in Trial Prep and Testimony
Module 6 Ethics in Science
Module 7 Unethical Behavior
Module 8 Code of Ethics

Required Text

Ethics and the Practice of Forensic Science, Bowen, Robin. 2018. 2nd edition, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC; ISBN-13:  978-0-367-78185-9

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