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Apply: Readmission

Certificate Readmission

  • If you have not attended classes as a certificate student for two consecutive terms or more (including summer term), you must submit a new certificate application. Do not complete the Readmission Application.

Master’s Readmission

You must fill out the readmission application rather than a new graduate application if you:

  • Have previously completed graduate coursework within the forensic science master’s degree program and have not attended for two consecutive terms, including summer terms.
  • Have matriculated or completed any degree as graduate student at the University of Florida and have not attended for two consecutive terms, including summer terms.

Students are required to complete the forensic science master’s degree within seven years of initial admission to the master’s degree program.

If you are unsure whether or not you need a readmission application or new application, please contact us at

Note: UF is switching to a new application August 28th. The instructions listed below may differ from what you see on the application itself, while we update our websites. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Master's Degree Application

Please note: Readmission can only be granted if the student is in good standing.

Note:Disregard the email you will receive about immunization requirements from the University of Florida. As a distance learning student, you will be exempt from having to provide proof of immunization.