Forensic Science Graduate Certificates

In addition to an in-depth exploration of the specialization of your choosing, our graduate certificates provide a strong foundation in forensic science, analytics techniques and laboratory QA/QC.

Overview of Certificate Program

This certificate program is open to appropriately qualified local, national, and international students. Designed to cater to your unique interests and career goals, we offer several forensic science graduate certificate options, each with a different specialization:


Our certificates consist of 12 to 15 credits focusing on a specialized concentration. Applications are accepted year-round.


Certificate students will receive a University of Florida Graduate Certificate in their specific concentration.


These programs are offered entirely online with asynchronous elements and can be completed anywhere, at your own pace.


The University of Florida is proud to offer one of the most competitive tuition rates among online programs in pharmacy. Some courses may require textbooks.

Transferring Credits

Once you’ve completed your graduate certificate coursework, you can transfer up to 15 credits to the master’s degree in forensic science, if you are admitted into the program and earn a grade of “B” or higher in the course(s). Being a graduate certificate student does not guarantee acceptance into the master’s degree program.

Advanced Career Opportunities

Our comprehensive program allows you to diversify your career options and make yourself a more versatile and in-demand asset in the workforce. Potential career environments include working in medical examiners’ offices, hospitals, clinical chemistry laboratories and law enforcement agencies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many fields in forensic science enjoy a higher median salary and occupational growth rate compared to all other professions in the United States.