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PHA 6534 Toxicology of Chemical Weapons

  • PHA 6534 Toxicology of Chemical Weapons

    Credits: 3


    This 3-credit course is structured to comprehensively provide the student with the fundamental toxicologically relevant concepts of weapons that can be used to create mass casualties. These weapons are often called weapons of mass destruction, a term that is closely related to but not synonymous with mass-casualty weapons (a technically more appropriate term). This course will focus on chemical agents and toxins as the toxicologically relevant mass-casualty weapons. Each of the eight modules in the course will consist of specific objectives, one or more illustrative cases, a list of the primary references that the student will be expected to acquaint himself or herself with, a brief introduction, a section of teaching material and study tips, and assignments designed to stimulate critical thinking.


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    Module Topic
    Module 1 Introduction
    Module 2 Chem I: Inhaled Toxicants with Local Effects on the Respiratory Tract
    Module 3 Chem II: Blood Agents
    Module 4 Chem III: Vesicants
    Module 5 Chem IV: Anticholinesterases
    Module 6 Chem V: Incapacitating Agents I: Anticholinergic Agents
    Module 7 Chem VI: Anticholinergic Agents II: Riot-control Agents and Opioids
    Module 8 Toxins

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