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Laboratory QA/QC

  • VME 6766 Laboratory QA/QC

    Credits: 3


    This course teaches the key components of QA/QC and will help students to understand the need to produce sound scientific data using appropriate standards and controls, written procedures and method validation no matter what field they are employed in. This course will offer a generic description of what is required in the formation of a quality system in any laboratory. This will be achieved by describing the key principles in any QA/QC program with reference to the FDA, EPA and ISO guidelines, together with specific examples from different specializations in those particular fields.


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    Module Topic
    Module 1 Introduction to QA/QC
    Module 2 Key Elements of a QA/QC Program
    Module 3 Personnel and Training
    Module 4 Validation of Analytical Procedures
    Module 5 Equipment
    Module 6 Test Article Tracking
    Module 7 Standard Operating Procedures
    Module 8 Study Protocols
    Module 9 The Final Report
    Module 10 Archiving, Archivist, Storage and Retrieval
    Module 11 Specializations
    Module 12 Inspection and Compliance

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