Literature Survey (Drug Chemistry)
PHA 6936 Literature Survey (Drug Chemistry)


This is a 2-credit course.


This 1-credit course involves the completion of a term paper on a relevant topic of drug chemistry. Students will research scientific literature available to them online, through the UF e-journals, and other relevant sources on one of the drug chemistry topics approved by the instructor. Students will prepare a fully referenced term paper in no less than 3500 words.


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Term Paper Topics

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Research a drug of abuse and discuss its synthesis, use, pharmacological effect, metabolism, and analysis.
  • Research the synthesis of amphetamine analogs by clandestine laboratories. How is the examination of such a lab conducted?
  • What are trace contaminants and how are they used to monitor the manufacture and supply of illicit drugs?

You can also choose your own drug chemistry-related subject and have it approved by the course instructor.

Required Materials

No required materials

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