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Toxic Substances

  • VME 6605 Toxic Substances

    Credits: 3


    This course will provide in-depth information on physiological, pharmacological and toxic effects of chemical toxins and carcinogens. Each module will contain detailed learning objectives and reading assignments. Students will be graded on their responses to critical thinking exercises linked to the course reading materials, which will require interpretation of research data, clinical data, and toxicological testing methodologies as well as online timed quizzes. Other activities will include online discussions of current news articles and scientific publications that relate to toxicology and biochemistry.


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    Module Topic
    Module 1 Principles of Managing the Poisoned Patient
    Module 2 Carbon Monoxide
    Module 3 Cyanide and Hydrogen Sulfide
    Module 4 Acetaminophen
    Module 5 Salicylates
    Module 6 Opiods
    Module 7 Cocaine
    Module 8 Amphetamines
    Module 9 Ethanol
    Module 10 Arsenic
    Module 11 Lead
    Module 12 Mercury
    Module 13 Organophosphate Pesticides
    Module 14 Hydrocarbons
    Module 15 Envenomation: Snakes and Other Reptiles

    Required Materials

    Goldfrank’s Toxicologic Emergencies. Lewis R. Goldfrank (Editor), Neal E. Flomenbaum (Editor), Neal A. Lewin, Neal E. Flomenbau.
    11th edition (2019)
    McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
    ISBN: 10:0071801847
    ISBN- 13 978-1259859618
    Available from Amazon and other sources.

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