Special Topics in Drug Chemistry
PHA 6936 Special Topics in Drug Chemistry (online using Honorlock)


This is a 1-credit course.


This 1-credit course consists of online, proctored, comprehensive final examinations in fulfillment of the M.S. program requirements. These closed-book exams will be taken online via Honorlock and our e-learning system. Students should register for this course in their final semester.

The University of Florida requires that you are registered for the following number of credits during the term you are graduating: Summer term: 2 credit hours; Fall/Spring term: 3 credit hours. Since the Special Topics course is only 1 credit, you will need to be sure you meet the credit requirement as noted above. This means that since students graduating in the Fall/Spring must take at least 3 credits in the final semester, they must plan to take a required Course in addition to Literature Survey (1 credit) and Special Topics (1 credit). Students graduating in the Summer must take at least 2 credits in the final semester and will not need to plan on taking an additional course.

This course is scheduled to run each semester. Refer to Critical Dates for specific dates the exams will be held each term. Students are required to pass this class (C grade or better) in order to receive their MS degree.

Please contact Nancy Toffolo (ntoffolo@ufl.edu) ahead of the semester for a program study guide.

Preparations should primarily focus on the detail presented in the core courses for your program (Principles of Forensic Science, Forensic Toxicology 1, Laboratory QA/QC, Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry of Drugs of Abuse and Natural Medicinal Products). Students are expected to know the step-by-step examination, testing and analytical processes used in the forensic laboratory as well as important areas of overlap between courses.

Please note that you should take at least one full day off from work and/or other responsibilities to take the written exams. We do recommend taking additional time off before for final preparations.

Special topics schedule: Morning: Essay paper, 3 hours; Afternoon: Multiple choice, 2 hours

Students should login to this course on Canvas as they would with any other course. Use this site to ask study questions and receive further information about the special topics exams. The written exams will be proctored using Honorlock, please see technical requirements and more information about Honorlock  including student orientation on their website: https://honorlock.com/students/).

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Toffolo

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