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Forensic Anthropology I

  • PHA 6935 Forensic Anthropology I

    Credits: 4


    This course will provide an introduction to the basic knowledge of human anatomy and osteology, including human remains recovery and laboratory processes that are required of a forensic anthropologist. Each module will substitute the hands-on experience typically found in a laboratory setting by presenting carefully selected photographs and illustrated materials that will familiarize students with the practice of the discipline.


    Module Topic
    Module 1 Introduction
    Module 2 Basic Bone Biology
    Module 3 Human vs. Non human
    Module 4 Human Osteology: The Skull and Teeth
    Module 5 Human Osteology: The Thorax, Vertebral Column and Pelvis
    Module 6 Human Osteology: The Arm and Hand
    Module 7 Human Osteology: The Leg and Foot
    Module 8 Field and Laboratory Work
    Module 9 Forensic Anthropology and Mass Fatality
    Module 10 Forensic Anthropology and Human Rights

    Recommended Materials

    No required materials

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