Step 2: Graduate Application

The UF graduate application is a separate application process through the UF Graduate School. Below we’ve outlined some helpful information to help you get started.

Getting Started

  • Keep the username and password that you create in order to log in and edit your application before submission.

Submitting the Online Application

Personal Information

  • Provide all of the requested Personal Information.
  • International Applicants:
    • You must enter your Surname and Given name in the Passport Name section even if you do not have a passport.
    • If you are a permanent resident alien and/or reside in the United States, you must provide your resident alien number and upload a copy of your permanent resident alien card directly to the application.

Conduct Disclosure

  • Accurately answer and report all information in the Conduct Disclosure section.

Application Information & Program of Study

Follow the instructions below to make the correct selections for the degree you are applying for:

  • In the Location dropdown, select Distance Education.
  • Forensic Toxicology Applicants ONLY:
    • In the Program of Study section, click or search College of Veterinary Medicine. From the expanded selection, choose:
      • Veterinary Medical Sciences
  • All other Forensic Sciences Applicants:
    • In the Program of Study section, click or search College of Pharmacy. From the expanded selection, choose:
      • Pharmaceutical Sciences with a concentration in Forensic DNA and Serology if you are applying to the Master of Science in Pharmacy with a major Pharmaceutical Sciences and concentration Forensic DNA and Serology.
      • Pharmaceutical Sciences with a concentration in Forensic Drug Chemistry if you are applying to the Master of Science in Pharmacy with a major Pharmaceutical Sciences and concentration Forensic Drug Chemistry.
      • Pharmaceutical Sciences with a concentration in Forensic Science if you are applying to the Master of Science in Pharmacy with a major Pharmaceutical Sciences and concentration Forensic Science.
  • Choose the term you are applying for from the dropdown. Applicants applying for Summer admission must select Summer A/C.
  • Review your selection in the Program Display and verify that it is correct before moving to the next application step. If you need to amend your selection, choose Re-Select Program.
  • Fill out the Additional Information section with the following:
    • Under Concentration, choose the dropdown option matching your Program of Study
      • Forensic Toxicology Applicants should select Forensic Toxicology
    • Leave the Program Specialization field blank
    • In the Department Contact Name field, type HSC DESS Admissions Team

Academic Background

  • Report your Undergraduate Major.
  • Enter all of the colleges or universities you have attended. Accurately report the degree, and degree date, you earned.
    • Upload your unofficial transcripts for each school, if you have them.
    • Note- If you are offered admission based on unofficial transcripts you will still be required to submit official transcripts to prevent a hold on your student record. (instructions for sending official transcripts are on Step Three).
  • Although we consider both the overall and upper-division GPA for all applicants, the upper-division GPA must be reported on the UF Graduate Application. Use the instructions on the application, and this worksheet, to calculate and accurately report your upper-division GPA. It is extremely important to accurately report your degree(s) and upper-division GPA. Failure to do so can cause processing delays and may negatively impact your application upon review.


  • Report past and/or planned activities in this section, including pertinent work experience.

English Proficiency Test

  • International applicants that are required to provide English proficiency test scores should select the test that they have taken, or plan to take, to meet this requirement.

Additional Questions (CV/Resume/ Statement of Purpose)

  • A statement of purpose and resume/CV are required for M.S. degree applications. The “Additional Questions” section will allow applicants to upload their documents to their application for review. For those wishing to upload their statement of purpose or CV/resume after the application has been submitted, they can do so by logging into the application portal using this link:
  • Letters of recommendation are not required and are not considered or reviewed in the admission decision process.

Residency Information

  • Enter your residency information. The residency of our students has no bearing on tuition cost for our program, but this information is required by the University of Florida.
  • If you are a non-Florida resident, check the appropriate box.
  • If you are a Florida resident, fully complete the Residency Information section, including the numbers and original issue dates for two of the following three identifying documents.
    Documents may be directly uploaded to the application:
    • Driver’s License
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Voter Registration

Application Fee

  • The $30 application fee must be paid with the submission of the online application in order for the application to be submitted.

Additional Information

  • Add to your ‘safe list’ on your email account. If you receive any emails from UF regarding your application, you must respond.