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Trace Evidence: The Role in Forensic Science

With the advent of the use of forensic DNA analysis in recent years, trace evidence has increasingly become an overlooked aspect of forensic science. In casework however, quite often little or no probative biological evidence can be found. It is in these instances that trace evidence still remains…

So You’ve Been Asked to Give an Expert Testimony

Forensic scientists play an important role in the trial process, more commonly in criminal trials, as an expert witness. Expert witnesses not only testify on the findings but also give opinions based upon the results derived from the analysis of evidence that was collected from the crime scene. These opinions are typically of scientific nature with forensically sound backing as a proof.

A Conversation with Nancy Toffolo, M.S.

As the director, Toffolo will lead four forensic science master’s degree concentrations and five graduate certificate programs. She will advise students in the program, teach graduate courses and serve as the point of contact for administrative, admissions and program policy needs. Toffolo brings a wealth of forensic science experience…

Creating a Successful Career in Forensics: An Interview with Joseph Pasternak

Alumni Joseph Pasternak has worked in forensics for nearly 20-years. He began his career at the City of Phoenix Police Department Crime Lab after completing his bachelor’s degree in biology from Arizona State University. He then moved onto the State of Montana Forensic Science Division where he now serves as the DNA Supervisor and Technical Leader.