Principles of Mammalian Pharmacology
VME 6650 Principles of Mammalian Pharmacology


This is a 4-credit course. 


This introductory course covers key concepts related to the cellular actions, therapeutic uses, side effects and toxic actions of major drug classes used in humans and non-human species. Students will learn key concepts that are important to understanding drug actions, including principles of pharmacokinetics (e.g., absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs) as well as the physiological and cellular basis for a host of diverse drug actions. Major drug classes covered in this course include (among others), agents that act upon the nervous system (both central and peripheral), skeletal muscle, the heart, the cardiovascular system and kidneys, as well as agents used to combat microbial diseases. The overall goal of this course is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of how various drugs exert beneficial and untoward actions and to develop an appreciation for the risks associated with drug abuse.


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Module Topic
Module 1 Introduction and Basic Concepts
Module 2 Principles of Drug Action
Module 3 Drug Metabolism and Elimination
Module 4 Introduction to Autonomic Pharmacology
Module 5 Introduction to Central Nervous System Drugs
Module 6 Drugs of Abuse
Module 7 Renal and Cardiovascular Drugs
Module 8 Drugs That Affect Autacoids and Inflammation
Module 9 Antimicrobial Agents
Module 10 Drug Interactions

Recommended Materials

Goodman & Gilman’s The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, 12e
Laurence L. Brunton, Bruce A. Chabner, Bjorn C. Knollmann
Editors of the online edition:
Editor-in-Chief: Laurence L. Brunton
Associate Editors: Donald K. Blumenthal, Nelda Murri, and Randa Hilal-Dandan
Consulting Editor: Bjorn C. Knollmann

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