Introduction to Forensic Medicine 1
VME 6582 Introduction to Forensic Medicine 1


This is a 4-credit course.


This course covers the basic elements of forensic medicine and focuses on the role of the forensic pathologist in the investigation of crime and death. Although much of forensic medicine, based as it is on observations made at a post-mortem examination, relies on the principles of morbid anatomy as discovered in earlier centuries, more recent techniques are also presented.

This is a University of Edinburgh course, taught by University of Edinburgh faculty and instructors as part of a collaborative venture between the University of Florida and the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.


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Module Topic
Module 1 Death
Module 2 Medicolegal Investigation of Death
Module 3 Sudden Natural Death in Adults
Module 4 The Autopsy
Module 5 Post-Mortem Interval
Module 6 Identification of the Dead
Module 7 Wounds of Medicolegal Importance I
Module 8 Wounds of Medicolegal Importance II
Module 9 Thermal Injury and Fire Deaths
Module 10 Head and Neck Injury
Module 11 Suicide
Module 12 Drowning by Immersion
Module 13 Asphyxia Related Deaths
Module 14 Case Study


There are no required texts for this course. Students are expected to access and read web-based resources. A document covering the main aspects of anatomy and physiology is provided for background reading (as a pdf file). Please note that this document is not intended to be a substitute for an anatomy or physiology textbook.

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