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Forensic Genetics

  • PHA 6855 Forensic Genetics

    Credits: 3
    Tuition: $1,725


    This is a foundation course in human molecular genetics designed to provide an understanding of basic genetic principles. This precursor to forensic DNA analysis will address some of the important issues in genetics including genome mapping and the role of gene dysfunction in disease.


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    Module Topic
    Module 1 Introduction to Forensic Genetics
    Module 2 The Basic Principles of Inheritance
    Module 3 Linkage and Crossing Over
    Module 4 The Molecular Structure of Chromosomes and DNA Replication
    Module 5 Making Genes Work
    Module 6 The Human Genome Project
    Module 7 Human Population Genetics
    Module 8 DNA Profiling and Forensic Investigation
    Module 9 Interpretation and Applications of Forensic DNA Analysis
    Module 10 Mutation and DNA Repair
    Module 11 Genes in Cancer
    Module 12 Genetic Disorders

    Recommended Materials

    Human and Molecular Genetics
    Author: Peter Sudbery
    Publisher: Pearson Education Limited; 2nd edition (3/1/2002)
    ISBN: 0130428116

    Pearson Education Limited
    United Kingdom

    If you wish to purchase this book from the publisher, due to sales restrictions you need to order the book through the Pearson website for your particular geographic location as follows:

    Author: P.C. Winter, G.I. Hickley and H.L. Fletcher
    Publisher: BIOS Scientific Publishers Limited; 2nd edition (6/1/2002)
    ISBN: 1859962629

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