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Organic Structure Elucidation

  • PHA 6935 Organic Structure Elucidation

    Credits: 3


    This course introduces the use of spectroscopic methods and tools (IR, NMR, MS, UV) for the accurate determination of molecular structure. This skill is essential for chemists in many areas, such as medicinal chemistry, process chemistry, natural products chemistry, forensic chemistry, and many other sub-specialties of analytical chemistry. This course will prepare students with an up-to-date presentation of the tools used for the advanced analysis and structure elucidation of organic molecules. Additionally, this course will address the structural aspects of the organic solid-state, and the tools that are used for the characterization of solid organic materials. The student will not emerge from this course as an expert in structure elucidation, but should have the basic tools to begin to understand what level of detail is necessary in their structure elucidation projects, the skills to begin to answer those questions independently, and an idea of the resources available to them if they encounter difficulty.


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    Module Topic
    Module 1 Introduction to structure elucidation
    Module 2 Separation techniques and isolation of compounds
    Module 3 Ultraviolet and Infrared Spectrophotometry
    Module 4 Introduction to Mass spectrometry
    Module 5 Advanced topics and tools in Mass spectrometry
    Module 6 Introduction to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy
    Module 7 Two-dimensional homo- and heteronuclear NMR
    Module 8 Advanced topics and tools in NMR spectroscopy
    Module 9 Organic solid state analysis techniques

    Module 10 Practical applications of structure elucidation techniques

    If you wish to enroll for this course and are currently not a student in another program, please follow the application instructions for non-degree applications. If you have additional questions about the content of this course, please contact Professor Oliver Grundmann (

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