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Literature Survey (Forensic Toxicology)

  • VME 6604 Literature Survey (Forensic Toxicology)

    Credits: 2
    Tuition: $1,150


    This two credit course involves the completion of a term paper on a relevant topic of toxicology. Students will research scientific literature available to them online, through the UF e-journals, and other relevant sources. Students will prepare a fully referenced term paper in no less than 5000 words on a Forensic toxicology related subject approved by the course instructor.


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    Term Paper Topics

    Topics include, but are not limited to:

    • The detection and effects of prenatal exposure to cocaine.
    • The use of non-traditional specimens (i.e. other than blood and urine) for the detection of drug use in pre-employment drug screening.
    • The importance of a QA/QC program in the forensic toxicology laboratory.

    You can also choose your own drug chemistry related subject and have it approved by the course instructor.

    Required Materials

    No required materials

    Library Access

    Distance Education and UF Online Students enjoy the same library privileges as on-campus students.
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