Forensic Toxicology II
VME 6614 Forensic Toxicology II


This is a 3-credit course.


This course will expand on concepts encountered in Forensic Toxicology I (VME6613), providing in-depth knowledge of pharmacology and toxicology as it pertains to commonly encountered abused and toxic substances. This course is unique in offering modules in doping control, expert testimony and human performance and postmortem toxicology.


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Module Topics
Module 1 Pharmacokinetics and Drug Action
Module 2 Drug Classifications and Pharmacology
Module 3 Alcohol and Volatiles
Module 4 Metals
Module 5 Post Mortem Forensic Toxicology
Module 6 Doping Control
Module 7 Human Performance Toxicology
Module 8 Expert Testimony

Recommended Materials

Principles of Forensic Toxicology, 5th Edition
Author: Barry Levine
Publisher: Springer International Publishing (2020)
ISBN: 9783030429171

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