Forensic Immunology
PHA 6854 Forensic Immunology


This is a 3-credit course.


This course will introduce students to the principles of immunology, immunological techniques, and their application to forensic analyses.


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Module Topic
Module 1 The Basics of Immunology
Module 2 Antibodies
Module 3 Antigen Capture, Presentation and Recognition
Module 4 Cell Mediated and Humoral Immune Responses
Module 5 Diversity, Assembly, Switching and Maturation
Module 6 Complement System, Activation and Regulation
Module 7 Immune Response Disorders
Module 8 Immunology and Serology Laboratory Methods

Recommended Materials

Cellular and Molecular Immunology
Authors: Abul Abbas, Andrew Lichtman, Shiv Pillai
Publisher: Elsevier; 10th edition
eBook ISBN: 9780323757508
Paperback ISBN: 9780323757485

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