Blood Distribution and Spatter
PHA 6856 Blood Distribution and Spatter


This is a 3-credit course.


This course will address the principles of blood spatter creation, and bloodstain interpretation as it pertains to biological evidence and will include processes for the appropriate recording, collection and processing of bloodstains and blood spatter evidence.


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Module Topic
Module 1 Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
Module 2 Hemodynamics
Module 3 Motion and Directionality
Module 4 Impact Spatter and Altered Bloodstains
Module 5 Angle of Impact, Point of Convergence and Point of Origin
Module 6 Documentation and Evaluation of Bloodstain Patterns
Module 7 Detection of Blood
Module 8 Note Taking and Courtroom Testimony

Required Materials

  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis with an introduction to crime scene reconstruction.  Bevel and Gardner.  3rd edition.  ISBN 13:978-1-4200-5268-8
  • Principles of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Theory and Practice.  James, Kish, Sutton.  1st edition.  ISBN 13:  978-0-367-77806-4 (paperback)

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