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Forensic Science in Law Enforcement

  • Expand Your Forensic Science Knowledge Base

    Law enforcement attracts a diverse group of people looking to make a difference in their communities. Standing out at an agency requires dedication to professional development. Whether you are a deputy interested in improving your skills in crime scene investigation, currently working in a crime lab and interested in targeting specific skills, or a lab tech interested in changing careers into the law enforcement environment, the University of Florida’s online graduate programs with a specialization in forensic science has coursework that can benefit you.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs for forensic science technicians is expected to increase 27% by 2024. Begin a graduate education in forensic science this fall to expand your opportunities!

    3 Courses That Can Enhance Your Career This Fall:

    • Biological Evidence and Serology – Learn the basic concepts of forensic serology as it applies to the collection, preservation, and testing of biological evidence.
    • Forensic Toxicology I – Explore analytical chemistry as it applies to drug and body fluid analyses.
    • Forensic Analysis of DNA – Discover DNA technologies used to identify and evaluate biological evidence in criminal matters.

    Thinking about changing career paths?

    Committing to a new career and a master’s degree is a lot to take on all at once. UF’s online graduate programs with a specialization in forensic science allow you to take up to 6 credits as a non-degree seeking student and transfer them later to a graduate certificate or master’s degree. This empowers you to try classes to gauge your interest level and your ability to work around your regular schedule, while targeting skills specific to your needs.

    Three Ways To Personalize Your Graduate Experience

    Master's Degree

    • 32 credits
    • Complete in as little as 2 years
    • Four Concentrations
    • Apply by July 31st

    Graduate Certificate

    • 15 credits
    • Complete in as little as 1 year
    • Four Concentrations
    • No GRE required
    • Apply by July 31st

    Non-Degree Seeking Student

    • Up to 6 credits
    • Can be transferred to the graduate certificate or master’s degree later
    • No GRE required
    • Apply by August 7th